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Woodland Burials - General Conditions

  1. Full internments in shrouds or coffins made of cardboard, softwood or other similar readily biodegradable materials only are permitted.
  2. Floral tributes will be removed after seven days following the date of burial.
  3. A wooden plaque will be placed on the grave bearing details of the name and lifespan of the deceased, if provided.
  4. Tree planting is undertaken by the Management in the dormant season.
  5. Whilst every reasonable effort will be made to follow requests for the planting of a particular species of tree, the final selection will be made by the Management.
  6. Nothing other than the provision of the plaque and tree will be permitted on the grave.
  7. The Management Plan of the burial ground will be adopted as agreed from time to time with the relevant Wildlife Trust, other applicable Conservation Trust and/or the Local Authority and will be implemented at the sole discretion of the Management.
  8. Reservations are conditional upon receipt of payment in full with completed Reservation Form and payment for plots at need and for funerals is due prior to interment.
  9. A reservation may be changed to an alternative burial ground at the discretion of the Management upon payment of any price differential applicable at the time of registration, together with an administration fee.
  10. No refunds will be given after reservation, although the right of assignment may be available on production of the original Certificated Receipt, subject to written instructions given by the owner of the Right of Burial in such form as may be reasonably required by the management and to payment of an administration fee.
  11. No interment will be permitted without the appropriate Registrar's Certificate or Coroner's Order for Burial.
  12. No exhumation will be permitted under any circumstances, except by direction of a Court of Law.
  13. Our full company details are as follows:
    Woodland Burials
    The Estate Office
    Oakfield Wood
    Wrabness Hall, Wrabness
    Manningtree, Essex, CO11 2TQ
    Tel: 01255 88 00 40
    Fax: 01255 88 02 20

    Greenwoodland Burial Services Limited
    - Registered in England No. 3318095
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